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Liberia Airport Taxis


Liberia Airport taxis are available 24/7 365 days a year. This service is meant to provide last minute transportation for travelers who don't have Liberia Airport Transportation booked in advance. As such, the Liberia Airport taxi service is significantly higher than pre-booked shuttles. For example, a private shuttle in a 7 seat passenger van between the Liberia Airport and Tamarindo is $79 USD plus driver gratuity. The same service in a small taxi cab is $110 USD plus driver gratuity. Why so much more expensive? Because taxis do not work with advanced reservations so they usually make far fewer trips than pre-booked shuttles, therefore each trip must be more expensive in order to compensate for this low volume of trips.


Liberia Airport taxi vs shuttle


Please note that all Liberia Airport taxis are small, four door sedans like the one pictured above. This means they can handle, at most, 2 passengers plus 2 large suitcases comfortably. Also, some taxis are air-condtioned and some are not so this is something to take into consideration.


Liberia Airport taxis booking procedure:


If you get to Liberia Airport and do not have an airport transfer or shuttle reservation you can find the Liberia Airport taxis just outside the international arrivals main entrance. Just go to the taxi coordinator (it will be very obvious as they constantly ask people if they need a taxi) and request the price for your desired destination. ALWAYS agree on the fare before getting in the car.


WARNING: Recently some of the Liberia Airport taxi representatives, in an attempt to win or steal a fare, will erroneously tell you that your shuttle company either doesn't exist or is not coming for you...DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!!! There is a CALITUR information desk where you can get in touch with your pre-booked transportation company, this will save you a lot of money.


Have questions or complaints about the Liberia Airpor Taxi service? Please let us know.


If you would like a quote for a private shuttle service please visit the Liberia Airport Transportation page for more information.